Zero K

In this new work, DeLillo (Underworld; Point Omega) ruminates on a concept from his 9781501135392_p0_v2_s192x300breakout 1985 novel, White Noise: “You have said goodbye to everyone but yourself. How does a person say goodbye to himself?” At the request of his father, Ross, Jeffrey Lockhart is flown to an obscure compound where his stepmother, Artis, Ross’s second wife, has chosen to die. Upon arrival, he learns that Artis will be cryogenically frozen, and that Ross intends to do the same. Wandering the caverns of the compound known as Convergence, replete with looping images on screens and monks shrouded in secrecy, Jeffrey stumbles upon the true ethos of the group. Faced with the prospect of losing both Artis and Ross to a theosophical cult, he struggles to argue against his father’s longing for immortality while justifying the importance of transience. VERDICT DeLillo’s rich language and rhythmic prose draw readers deep into a rumination on both the inescapability and alluring possibilities of the eternal return as the protagonists push against the physical and philosophical walls of Convergence.